Silver Diamond Fluoride:-

When treating cavities, only a very small amount of medication should be used.

One of the most important things for us as parents to work towards is making sure that our children look forward to going to the dentist. However, when it comes to treating their children’s cavities, many parents look for an alternative to the conventional method of drilling and filling the cavities in their children’s teeth.

A treatment for cavities that is simple and does not require any drilling to be done.

Using a technique known as silver diamine fluoride, or SDF for short, can assist in preventing tooth cavities, also known as decay or caries, from forming, expanding, or spreading to other teeth. This can be done by helping to prevent tooth cavities from forming, expanding, or spreading to other teeth. This approach is painless, uncomplicated, and does not involve any intrusive procedures of any kind. It is a liquid solution that is formed of fluoride, which helps the teeth rebuild the materials that they are made of (also known as remineralization), and silver, which helps kill bacteria. Fluoride helps the teeth rebuild the materials that they are made of (also known as remineralization). These two components work synergistically to eliminate bacterial growth

At least 38{1674a3571c55e5a3d8f6a51db1dea01af71aff6b2bbefaaad37d5912cc13090c} of the SDF solution is included in the liquid form of the SDF that is utilised by our paediatric dentist. This SDF comes in the form of a solution. The application of SDF takes very little time, does not result in any discomfort, and can be carried out on a number of teeth in the span of a single consultation.A piece of cotton or gauze is inserted into the area of the mouth that is impacted in order to prevent saliva from moistening the teeth. This is done in order to minimise discomfort.The dry air helps remove any moisture that may be present on the surface of the teeth.The cavity is treated by applying silver diamond fluoride to the affected area. This brings about the desired effect.After that, a coat of fluoride varnish is applied to the area that has been treated.


  •   It has been clinically proven to inhibit the development of cavities.
  • This is one of the most important advantages of using silver diamond fluoride.
  • The treatment does not involve the administration of any shots, and it is both quick and painless.
  • Decreases the likelihood that the bacteria that are responsible for cavities will spread to other teeth Ideal for young children as well as children who are easily anxious
  • Silver diamine fluoride requires a fewer number of treatments over the course of treatment with it over time.
  • It does not require any specialised tools.